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We work with the two largest issues companies in emerging regions face as we approach 2030: digitalization and sustainability.

What We Do

Our audits are a comprehensive & personalized assessment of your internal and external digitalization. These insights will guide you in leveraging your resources to reach your strategic goals. Our holistic report covers the following areas:

  • Online presence – how you’re perceived by external stakeholders of your organization (i.e. website, social media, etc.)
  • Digital systems – an internal analysis of your digital resources & assets
  • Cybersecurity – the safety of how you handle data & business processes
  • Sustainability – the internal & external impact of your work on the environment

Our reports are a detailed written overview of our audit assessment that serves as a practical blueprint for your team.  

  • 30+ pages
  • Identification of weaknesses & strengths
  •  Recommendations with concrete action plans
  • Cost-cutting solutions

Why Work With Us


[am-bro-see-ah]  noun

A flow-like state when you’re working with trust* and transparency*

* What makes doing business go from good to great? Worry-free collaboration with our international team.

* Eliminating bias through honest communication on elevating your company’s value.

That’s work with Ambrosia. 

What They Say About Us

About Us

Ambrosia has three Co-Founders, MC from France & Colombia, Marta from Italy, and Maria from the United States.

After years of experience in marketing and business development, we specialized in auditing & reporting to create a more trustworthy & transparent process.

Unlike most companies, we’re not a marketing firm offering an audit, which is likely to be biased. We exclusively focus on auditing & reporting, which gives companies the information and power to make decisions for themselves; empowering them to cut costs, mitigate risk, and make the right decisions in their growth strategies. 

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