Empowering Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries

At Ambrosia Consulting, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable development and economic growth in developing countries. Our mission is to provide expert project development consulting services that drive impactful change and create lasting value for communities, businesses, and governments.

Strategic Positioning

  • Innovative solutions to complex challenges faced by developing countries
  • Strategic interventions to address issues such as poverty, healthcare, and education
  • Adaptive approaches to problem-solving that consider cultural, economic, and environmental factors

Project Planning & Management

  • Comprehensive project planning and management tailored to meet the unique needs of developing regions
  • Detailed strategic planning to ensure project viability and success
  • Oversight of project development, staffing, operations, and KPIs

Concept Testing

  • Rigorous testing and validation of project ideas to ensure feasibility and impact
  • Stakeholder engagement to align ideas with local needs and priorities
  • Pilot projects and prototyping to refine and perfect solutions prior to full-scale implementation

Scalability Assessments

  • Systematic analysis and projection of growth scenarios to optimize scalability & sustainable expansion, including resource, infrastructure, and bottleneck considerations
  • Calculation of cost-benefit scenarios to optimize resource allocation & maximize returns

“Ambrosia Consulting’s meticulous approach and utilization of cutting-edge consulting services provided us with a professional and detailed report. Additionally, they were able to unearth invaluable insights into our digital & security strategy. The team demonstrated exceptional expertise in navigating complex datasets, identifying potential risks, and recommending strategic solutions.”


Information Technology (IT)

  • Digital Transformation: We support governments and businesses in the Caucasus and Middle East with the implementation of robust IT infrastructure. Our solutions improve connectivity, cybersecurity, and data management, fostering a digital economy.
  • Tech Empowerment: By providing innovative tech solutions and training, we empower organizations to enhance productivity and growth, bridging the digital divide.
$ 0 billion

valuation of the global cybersecurity market in 2021

Source: Polaris Market Research

Food & Beverage

  • Import and Export: We facilitate the import and export of food and beverage products, ensuring efficient and sustainable supply chains. Our expertise helps local producers access international markets, while also securing vital imports for the region.
  • Market Expansion: Through strategic market analysis and planning, we guide organizations to identify and penetrate new markets, boosting their export potential and economic impact. Our tailored strategies are designed to maximize market reach and profitability.
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Food & Beverages market is expected annual growth in Georgia. (CAGR 2024-2028).

Source: Statistica 


  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Our sustainability consulting services integrate eco-friendly practices into various sectors, promoting renewable energy, waste reduction, and resource conservation.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): We partner with organizations to promote SDGs, ensuring that our projects contribute to environmental stewardship and long-term sustainable development.
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Overall funding gattered by The European Fund for Sustainable Development Plus (EFSD+)

Source: European Commision  


Founding Partners

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