Our Story & Our Start

Where we’re from & where we’re headed

As with all stories filled with glamor, ambition, and love, Ambrosia’s began in Paris.  In the fall of 2019, their paths crossed on Av. de la République.  Enter MC: calm, cool, and collected, onto the ESCP Paris campus.  Already familiar with France and its lifestyle, the language, and the normalcy of rats, she floated through campus with ease and grace.  It did not look like her first day.  Enter Maria: although a first gen, she is immediately, very clearly American.  Dressed in pink & pearls, eagerly shaking hands with absolutely everyone in her field of vision.  A big ‘ole USA smile radiated across campus. MC did not like Maria – at first.

MC did not like Maria - at first.

Over the bumbling first few weeks of university, MC grew increasingly annoyed (but impressed) by Maria’s answers in class.  They did indeed begin to have some mutual friends.  Their paths truly collided when they wound up in a semester-long group project together.  Another member of this group, a fashionable Italian, Giulio, had a childhood best friend from Italy come visit him in the fall.  Enter: Marta.  Badass, brilliant, bubbly – you never forget your first encounter with her.

Maria, MC, & Marta all but too briefly crossed paths during a buzzed night on the Parisian city streets.  Our big group was going out to an overpriced dinner to kick off the weekend.  Marta and Maria both walked with Giulio and quickly learned that the other is whip-smart, driven, and in love with all things business.  After an exciting yet short conversation, Maria went home to study or make vegan banana bread (her two default settings).  MC and Marta carried on.  Their bond was lost in the blur of Le Marais’ social scene.

This project, soon enough, became so much more than a grade. It became a company, The EIS Project.

MC and Maria, growing close over their hybrid love of French-American capitalism, continued to work together on their school project.  This project, soon enough, became so much more than a grade.  It became a company, The EIS Project.  Marta joined the EIS team as a rental manager, at first.  She quickly moved up to join the positions of MC and Maria.  Over the subsequent years (the entire course of their university), the three worked on the company, managed dozens of interns from all over the world, and worked incredibly well together.

As life’s trajectory moved them along, they bid adieu to EIS.  It was time for something new, but what?  Their long term desires aligned completely.  Their short term visions overlapped with alarming precision.  But what, exactly, would showcase their uniquely combined skillset?  What was the foundation of a far-reaching, global empire of goodness, innovation, and betterment?

Their initial weakness became their greatest strength.

After a lot of brainstorming and concentrated effort, they landed on their first of many building blocks: consulting.  Consulting, however, with little experience, fresh degrees, and no backing of a large institution is not easy, nor is it in particularly high demand.  As true consultants, they flipped the script.  Their initial weakness became their greatest strength.

 They don’t have bad industry habits shaped by massive corporations but have the power to say “yes, we can do that.”  They have a new perspective, a young one, an international one.  Combined, they’ve lived on nearly every continent, speak several languages, and have been educated in a wealth of countries.  Their professional experiences, although admittedly limited, span across major industries and intersects with every job level.  Their desire is to take their fresh, youthful energy and direct it towards solving complex business challenges.  So, who are they, really?  It’s simple.  They are Ambrosia.  And this is just their beginning. 


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