What Web 3 is Missing

The one thing all Web 3 companies, developers, and investors need the most before moving forward.

After spending a day at the Web 3 DeGameFi Conference in Tbilisi, it’s impossible not to feel impressed, awe-inspired, and overloaded with information. It is is full of innovative ideas. They span diverse ranges of solutions, opportunities, and companies alike. To an outsider, it’s jaw-dropping. These ideas can seem so far-out and futuristic that it’s hard to contextualize their missions without any industry knowledge. It’s all too easy to get confused and overwhelmed by jargon, acronyms, slang, and currencies. All Web 3 companies are pushing towards a new, digital future. A future that is already seeping into our present and, to the average person, is increasingly hard to keep up with.

What is Web 3?

For other newbies, let’s break it down. What is Web 3? It’s the next dawn of our internet. Its key pillars include: decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. To break it down further, it’s a digital future filled with more individual freedom, autonomy, cryptocurrency, sustainability and security. Ideally, it is not controlled by one or several big players, rather the Web 3 community as a whole. The ideas, solutions, and companies involved in this new future are (generally speaking) innovative and conscious.

What is it Missing?

However, there is one key thing missing from all Web 3 affiliates. Communication. Within and among themselves, the conversations are interesting and diverse. But to an outsider, it’s like listening to a language they’ve never studied. For Web 3 to succeed on their desired scale and within their desired timeline, they need to communicate effectively with outer-industry people. When they do communicate, they need to explain everything in serious layman’s terms – without condescension. 

The goals of Web 3 are admirable, idealistic, and interesting. At their root the ideas are simple, understandable, and agreeable. However, no one, not governments, corporations, nor individuals will accept to listen or let alone agree to something they don’t even come close to understanding. Who can blame them?

What’s the Solution?

On the other hand, the biggest complaint of all the panel speakers was this: our concept is simple, but people claim it’s too complex to understand. Different panelists at the conference pontificated on government incompetence or dying industries. They’re not wrong. For those so inculcated in the industry, their frustration is understandable. But here is exactly where there is severe miscommunication

That miscommunication is not Web 3 itself – it’s the way it’s being presented. What’s the solution? Much like the problem itself, the solution is simple. Intra & outer communications strategies. An outer-industry firm needs to come in and understand the Web 3 company. Then, they translate the company operations into simple, digestible, bits of information. Once this is done, they spread it to the intended party. Whether it be the general public, a lobbyist, or a government.

Additional Advice

The Web 3 masters, while brilliant in their own right, are ‘in too deep’ to see just how confusing it is (on the surface) to the outside observer. It is absolutely worth hiring a diligent, passionate person and/or team to help see the forest through the trees. 

Let the Web 3 developers and business people power through the industry and make groundbreaking strides. Don’t waste those assets, those valuable people, on explaining it to others who don’t understand their success. Let the outsiders explain it to each other. Only then will it really make sense. Only then will everyone be on board. And most importantly – only then will Web 3 truly be able to flourish and succeed in its intended form.

Are you in Web3 and looking for a fresh perspective? You found it. We’re your outer-industry translators & market communicators.

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