3 Reasons your Business Ideas are Good

Why you shouldn’t wait to create the next best thing.

Business ideas are born from struggle, or at least from being annoyed. Daily life is inevitably filled with grievances. Things are late, people don’t cooperate, prices keep going up. It’s not difficult to point out a day’s worth of irritations.

There is good news. Every one of those irritations has a solution. In other words, every irritation can be translated into business ideas. Solutions have varying price tags. However, if you can think of a solution, regardless of the initial price tag, you should act on it. Here’s why.

1. You’re not the only one experiencing the problem

If it’s annoying you, it’s annoying others too. The question of how many people (i.e. is it worth creating a solution) can be answered with some brief market research. Simply Google a question based on your frustration. Is the whole first page of search results filled with similar queries? There may be several blogs filled with Q&As. The company’s website may offer solutions as well. 


Next, check if there are forums filled with complaints, stating the “solution” doesn’t work. Worse, claims that it is outdated or is far too complex for the average user. Are the solution blog posts connected to companies who sell solutions, if so, how much does it cost? You’ll likely find that there is a solution, but not an easy, tailor made and/or affordable one for “normal people”. Therein lies your demand and your market. It’s the start of your new business ideas.

2. It benefits society, the economy, and fosters innovation

Whichever solution you produce, whether it’s with a team in a conference room or alone at your kitchen table, it is beneficial. It’s inherently beneficial because it solves a problem. Anytime a new solution is brought to the market, it benefits society, not only in its immediate effect. 

In addition to solving the problem, it fosters innovation, spurs the economy, inspires people, and could pave ways to other solution-based products and business ideas.

3. It’s enriching in several ways

There is a clear financial benefit. For example, your business ideas and solutions could be sold to the company who is experiencing the problem. Or, it could be sold to a third-party, sold to individuals, or be the first product of an entire line of problem-solving projects. 

In addition to being enriching for yourself and your company, there is no comparison to the benefits of the entrepreneurial experience itself. Entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and management create an incredible value for yourself, those around you, and society as a whole.

What are you waiting for? Start.

Yes, it can be scary and expensive. No, it doesn’t immediately have to be your full-time job. Business ideas, solutions and companies are birthed in myriad ways. Entrepreneurship is rarely, if ever, linear. Take your time and do it right, whatever that looks like for you.

If you have an idea, it’s really simple: start. Just start. Work on it as much or as little as your schedule allows. And if you’re not sure where to start? Talk with us. Never hesitate to make the world a better place. 

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