What is SEA and Why Does it Matter?

Fostering digital growth is pivotal for business development.

As seen in our article on SEO, digital growth is a great practice that can yield great results. It increases your website traffic and generates more conversions. Because it’s an organic process, it can take some time before solid results appear. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a faster process that comes from non-organic growth. Throughout this article, we’ll find out what is SEA and walk through the basics of SEA. We’ll also provide some examples of good SEA practices.

What is SEA?

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) involves advertising your website on Google search pages. In this process, when someone searches for your company name or something related to your company, such as a product or service, your website appears as the top result. This top position is referred to as “priority” in the search console. You can achieve priority by paying a search engine, like Google, to display your ad or website at the top of the search results. Consequently, your ad will appear as the first option when a keyword or key phrase related to your ad is searched. Many consider SEA to be one of the most efficient yet expensive methods of advertising.

Why is SEA crucial for sales growth?

If your revenue is centered around your website, SEA will become your best ally. Moreover, it will maximize conversion rapidly. Additionally, with an efficient SEA strategy, you’ll quickly generate qualified leads and boost your online sales. Furthermore, systems such as Google Ads allow you to target very specific audiences. This targeting can be based on their location, their language, or even their habits. Consequently, this can also be an effective method for your company to reach new markets.

Keep this in mind...

There is one drawback with SEA, however. It’s not super simple to create a good and efficient strategy. Prior to pursuing SEA, you need to have a good understanding of your audience. Only then can you truly maximize conversions. Furthermore, your strategy should be tailored to your goals. In addition, proper and effective ad creation itself is also something that requires a detailed strategy. Moreover, designing useful ads is crucial. Otherwise, your paid ad campaign simply won’t work.

Another key to success is analysis. Constantly check the results of your SEA campaigns. Based on what the analytics show, you can optimize your ads to ensure you’re not wasting any time or money. Fancy an extra set of eyes on your SEA strategy? Or just want someone to do it for you? We’re here. 

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