Craft a brand that radiates your mission.

Branding is a unique way to express your company visually. From your mission to your unique added value, the right branding ensures someone chooses your company over your competitors.

Brand Research & Strategy

Market Research

Conducting market research in the industry where your brand is positioned. Understanding all the spoken and unspoken rules to best highlight your value and effectively compete in your market.

Customer Persona

Presenting your tangible value through a person that represents your typical user and highlighting their demographic. This includes information such as their age, location, occupation, values, and problems.

Brand Positioning

Determining how your brand should be positioned and for whom. For example, deciding if your brand should be positioned as affordable or luxurious, or if it’s for risk-takers or risk-averse customers.

Brand Creation & Optimization

Logo Design

Designing or redesigning an existing logo and name to fit your elevated brand and create a significant memory of your product, service, or values through a symbol.

Colors & Typographic Selection

Selecting (or reselecting) the colors and fonts best associated with your brand, industry, and desired messaging.

Brand Voice & Language

Defining pragmatic brand language and vocabulary to illustrate your company and culture through words in addition to visuals.

Brand Implementation

Company Presentation

Building a company presentation that best displays your value proposition, mission, and vision in an enticing and clear manner.


Designing merchandise based on your business model and desires, products such as t-shirts, stickers, documents, or whatever else you may need.

Graphic Design

Creating company assets necessary for your digital platforms, such as your website and social media accounts.


Digital Marketer

I oversee company branding, ensuring it aligns with your corporate identity and achieves the goals we establish together.

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Add-on: Editorial Style Guide Template

This ensures the visual design and the words you use in your brand are consistent and aligned. From keywords to syntax, this precision and attention to detail takes your brand to the next level.


Branding isn’t just making some elements of your company “look pretty”. There are both direct and indirect ways branding seriously impacts your bottom line. This is especially true if your business has an online presence. Consumers have endless options on where and how to spend their money, your brand identity is a contributing factor in their decision. In addition to elevated professionalism and trustworthiness, consistent branding is reassuring to new potential customers. They’re more willing to trust your product or service if you have strong and consistent branding that legitimizes your operations.

A better question is, who doesn’t? Think of every stakeholder that comes in contact with your company. Whether they vocalize it or not, they notice your brand, as it’s a direct reflection of your company. Your brand should be aligned with your mission, core values, unique selling points, and industry. By bringing your company together under a strong, shared brand, you are able to accurately communicate the relevance of what you do and why you do it. This makes an impact not only on potential customers, but on suppliers, partners, and potential employees, too.

Yes! Your brand matters. Regardless of your company’s size, strong branding is an important part of your foundation and public relations. Branding highlights your professionalism and streamlines both internal and external communication. Additionally, a strong brand creates commercial value for your business and can serve as intellectual property protection for your company assets.

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