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Effective business development encompasses all the important steps in creating and growing a company. Whether you’re starting from an idea, a minimum viable product (MVP), or looking for an exit strategy, together we’ll create the blueprints for your success. Before growing, it’s vital to establish a strong foundation. We’ll start by analyzing your company and then implementing a growth strategy.

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Every company needs a purpose – a value that you provide to your customers, to yourself, and to your community. We’ll collaborate to find or refine that purpose through your mission, vision, and value proposition. Then, your company and team are both aligned with your goals and future trajectory. Additionally, this foundation serves as your unique selling points and specifies how you (and no one else) fills a market gap. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Once you have a strong foundation, it’s time to establish specific goals and put a structure in place. This includes strategizing and implementing everything necessary to move forward. This looks different for every company, but it generally includes KPIs, master plans, timelines, expected deliverables, and workflow organization.


Although important market research is carried out while developing your USPs and KPIs, this is the step before execution. Whether you’re launching something new or upgrading something old, it’s vital to understand and validate demand, perform segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP), and determine product, price, place, and promotion (4Ps). This will completely clarify your upcoming go-to-market strategy.

Execution & Adaptation

After fusing all the unique elements of your company through a streamlined strategy, you’re ready to go. Together, we’ll strategize, optimize, and execute whatever that looks like for you.

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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know exactly how complex building and running companies can be. We understand that the above steps aren’t always done in order (or done at all). We’re happy to jump in and collaborate wherever you are in your journey.


Not always, there are plenty of ways to pursue a vision. Funding largely depends on your idea, but working within a limited budget is absolutely possible. Even if your idea does require additional funding, that’s a step that comes later.

That depends on you and your idea. Full-time entrepreneurship can indeed be a time-consuming lifestyle, but one that you can transition into at your own pace. Part-time entrepreneurship is always an option, which allows you to maintain the jobs you wish and receive steady income while you build your business on the side.

No. One misconception about entrepreneurship is that everything needs to be perfect before you start; it’s a try-and-adapt experience that can only be optimized over time. Even if you write a business plan, it’s unlikely you’ll stick to it. Your time is better spent actually building your company.

There are factors that significantly prevail over experiences, such as passion and dedication. Experience comes with time, but as long as you stick with it, success will likely follow. Expertise in entrepreneurship is not a prerequisite.

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