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Branding is a unique way to express your company visually. From your mission to your unique added value, the right branding ensures someone chooses your company over your competitors.

Web Design

Your website is a direct communication with your target audience. It establishes your legitimacy and is a driving force in consumer choice. Even if you don’t sell online, websites are an important part of your sales funnel.

Social Media

Social media is a marketing and sales tool you can use to expand your reach, foster loyalty, and grow your market share. You can also set trends, boost sales, and instill confidence in your customers by building your community.

Grow your business in the ways that work for you.

Enhance your Brand

Branding plays a huge role in the success of any company. The best products can go unnoticed without solid branding, while low-quality products receive hype thanks to well-executed branding.

Step 1: Brand Research & Strategy

Step 2: Brand Creation & Optimization

Step 3: Brand Implementation

Branding isn’t just making some elements of your company “look pretty”. There are both direct and indirect ways branding seriously impacts your company. This is especially true if your business has an online presence. Consumers have endless options on where and how to spend their money, your brand identity is a contributing factor in their decision. In addition to elevated professionalism and trustworthiness, consistent branding is reassuring to new potential customers, they’re more willing to trust your product or service if you have strong and consistent branding.

A better question is, who doesn’t? Think of every stakeholder that comes in contact with your company. Whether they vocalize it or not, they notice your brand, as it’s a direct reflection of your company and your communication. Your brand should be aligned with your mission, core values, unique selling points, and industry. By bringing your company together under a strong, shared brand, you are able to accurately communicate the relevance of what you do and why you do it. This makes an impact not only on potential customers, but on suppliers, partners, and potential employees, too. 

Yes! Your brand matters. Regardless of your company’s size, strong branding is an important part of your foundation and communication. Branding highlights your professionalism and streamlines both internal and external communication. Additionally, a strong brand creates commercial value to your business and can serve as intellectual property protection for your company assets. 

Web Design

Your website is a great way to clarify what you do, why you do it, and why a potential customer, employee, or partner should choose your company over another. Regardless of your operations, a website can serve as an important part of your sales funnel. It’s a unique opportunity to streamline and clarify your purpose. Even if you don’t sell anything online, a website is a great way to build trust.

Step 1: Website Health Care

Step 2: User Interface (UI) Design

Step 3: User Experience (UX)

Absolutely. In fact, having a poorly constructed and branded website can have the reverse effect of a good website, such as a loss of trust, user frustration, loss of business, low search rankings, and more. Websites are a way people verify your company’s legitimacy, credibility, and professionalism. This is especially true if any payment is involved through your website. Websites reassure potential customers, they’re more willing to purchase and trust your product or service if you have a great website and it’s clear you’re reachable. A strong brand established throughout your website also allows customers to recognize, share, recommend, support, and identify with your company.

The letters UI stand for User Interface. That means how someone views and interacts with your website. Having a smooth and clear UI allows people to navigate your site with ease and get to where they want to go. A frustrating, non-functioning website causes frustration and will lead to a loss of business. UX stands for User Experience, which is the customer journey someone goes through while navigating your website. Both UI and UX are very much intertwined and enable one another.

Regardless of where or how you sell, a good website can boost your sales. If you have an e-commerce site and your point-of-sale (POS) is digital, your website is a crucial part of your sales funnel. The better your website design and content (i.e. if it’s SEO optimized), the higher the chance internet searchers will find your website through search engines. If the searchers land on your website and like it, they can decide to purchase your goods / services through you, and they transition from searches to leads to paying customers. If your website has a strong brand, it compounds customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of recommendations. Even if you don’t sell through your website, its benefits remain the same. A potential customer searches for something, they find your website, learn about your company, and visit you offline. None of the above is possible if your website is non-existent or lacks the necessary criteria to succeed and reach your target market effectively. 

Social Media Management

Social media is an important part of your digital presence. The social media platforms you choose to be present on are dependent on your business and who you’re trying to reach. These accounts are a great way to interact directly with people and build a community around your brand. If your social media presence is well-executed, it serves as a gateway for your business growth. Social media activity isn’t arbitrary, a strategy is pivotal for its effectiveness.

Step 1: Brand Creation / Optimization

Step 2: Posting Strategy / Scheduling

Step 3: Engagement Strategy

It depends. While social media can be a great asset and way to engage with your community, your presence is dictated by your business, target market, and industry. Social media should always be created with goals that directly benefit your business. For example, do your social media accounts drive conversion? Do they work as a marketing tool with the aim to create industry influence? There are a lot of social media platform options – and choosing the right ones for your goals and company is important.

That’s largely based on who you’re attempting to reach and for what purposes. For example, Instagram is ideal for sharing products, as it’s a photo-based social media site. Twitter is ideal for service-based companies, as there’s more of a focus on text than other elements. LinkedIn is ideal for B2B-focused companies. The list of pros and cons for each social media platform is long, but a strategy can guide you in mixing and matching the sites to optimize your digital presence. A strong strategy also includes the goals of your communication strategy based on your business model.

An aligned brand clarifies your company. Uniformly used colors, fonts, and your logo help customers or other stakeholders understand your messaging and purpose. If your company name is used more than once (which is the most likely case scenario), it’s very important to establish yourself and differentiate your company from others. In addition to clarification, aligned branding breeds trust and loyalty in your community. If your digital presence is put together, people make the logical assumption that your company, therefore your product / service, is put together and trustworthy as well. This is reassuring, mitigates miscommunication and allows you to stay ahead of your current and future competition. Aligned branding also guides your market power and industry influence, as your digital presence grows and you generate even more credibility. This lays the groundwork for trend-setting and furthers community building.

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