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When you want to grow your business, convincing other people your idea is worth investing in is key. This could be an investor, an accelerator program, or a VC that invests money. Aside from cash, future employees can invest their time and partners can invest their resources. 

Value Proposition Analysis

Great pitches start with a clear understanding of your company’s value. What are you bringing to the market and why should people be interested? Our collaboration is not only going to help you clarify what these values are, but put them into keywords with a visual design to match. No matter how good your business idea is, if you can’t communicate it to people, you won’t be able to grow. This analysis determines what your target audience is and how to adapt your pitch for different audiences. 

Pitch Deck

After a pitch analysis, the second step ensures your pitch deck includes all the necessary information for your target audience. The design of the slides has to align with your company branding and it can’t contain a single mistake – especially if you’re asking for significant funding. Together, we’ll establish your value through your pitch deck and guarantee that no piece of information is missing for your readers or listeners.

Pitch Workshop

A pitch can’t be effective without practice and presentation skills. Our 1-on-1 workshop session optimizes your pitch. We’ll go over the full pitch and the elevator pitch, your posture, verbal communication, and networking skills. We’ll also prepare you for potential questions your audience may have. Afterward, you’ll be able to address them in the best way possible and stand out among the competition. 


Business Strategist

I handle pitch deck strategy, ensuring that each presentation aligns with your objectives and effectively communicates your message. Together, we’ll set and achieve our goals for impactful pitches.

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Our Pitch Work

Agriculture & Tech

“You can undoubtedly anticipate unwavering dedication from Ambrosia, as they are committed to ensuring your startup is well-prepared for investment.”

“What a gem! I could’ve never figured out that my simple idea would take shape into a great, up-and-coming app. It was challenging to find tech savvy partners, who could think outside the box and be aligned with my values. “


Absolutely. Online pitching to your investors and potential customers is mainstream. Practicing on an online platform will empower you to gain confidence and grab their attention through the screen. 

A pitch deck is always a great company asset to hold. Even if you don’t have any pitch events planned yet, it’s a product that might take weeks or even months to get right. It’s better to start building it right away and have a ready product by the time you find your pitching opportunity. You never know who you might meet in the elevator tomorrow, a quick elevator pitch is essential for any entrepreneur. 

Great question – we can definitely look into it with you. There are often geographical and industry limitations regarding the types of events or VCs to which you can apply. We’ll guide you toward the events, accelerators, and VCs that would be a good fit for you and for your company’s growth goals.

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