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Personal Branding

92% of people trust recommendations from people more than companies. Regardless of your model, B2B or B2C, you’re always H2H – human to human. Your services & expertise only account for 20% of how people perceive you, the 80% is who you are. That 80% is composed of the subtle things you project to others, who build their assumptions about you in the first 3 – 7 seconds of meeting you. That’s why personal branding matters.

Establish Goals & Brand Foundation

Find Your Why

First, we’ll outline the goals of your personal branding journey. Are you a business owner who wants to build a community, an employee who wants that next big promotion, or a start-up founder looking for funding? Based on your goals and desired outcomes, we’ll tailor a unique path for your personal brand development.

Create Foundation

Once we establish your ‘why’, we’ll analyze your belief systems and values, crafting these into the basis of your target market and personal positioning. There will be a focus on highlighting your individual strengths and unique selling points. This will ensure you show up as your most authentic self in any situation.

Current Audit

Our team will compile your current personal brand audit. This audit will point out the discrepancies between where you are, where you want to be, and how we’ll get you there. Understanding what you’re currently projecting versus what you aim to project is pivotal in creating your journey.

Bringing the Inside Out - Confidence & Inbounds Leads Strategy

Call to Action

Now that you have the foundation of your brand, we’ll cover digital and in-person first impressions, the important factors to address and start constructing your personal, emotive CTAs. What do you want people to do after interacting with you?


We’ll cover the main topics of your: physical appearance / personal style, voice (tone, style, cadence, vocabulary), body language, and energy. We’ll also tailor your personal pitch and introductions, priming you for any occasion.


Then, we’ll cultivate a digital synergy for your personal brand and personal brand marketing. Based on your personal brand audit, we’ll revise where you are, and what needs to be adjusted to fully express your refined personal brand for your purposes.

Market & Analyze


At this point, you have a strong and effective personal brand. However, just like in any company, it’s not truly valuable until you market it. We’ll hone in on how to effectively communicate with your target audience, from your digital touchpoints to in-person first impressions. 


After living your brand fully, we’ll check in to analyze & adapt the final details of your personal brand. This includes an open dialogue about your confidence, your work, feedback from your target audience, and your next steps in truly living your brand long-term.



“I adore working with clients to highlight their truest, most authentic selves. No matter what they’re working on or who they’re with, they’re themselves – and they shine. The ripple effect of people being their best selves is a beautiful thing to watch and I’m honored to be a part of it.”

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Our Branding Work

Branding Plans



For companies that want to start simple or slightly rebrand their business.



For companies that want a full brand or rebanding. 

Add-on: Editorial Style Guide Template

Ensures the visual design and the words you use in your brand tone and voice are consistent and aligned. From key words to syntax, this precision and attention to detail takes your brand to the next level.


A strong personal brand increases your points of differentiation, credibility, career advancement, networking finesse, visibility, confidence, control over perception, monetization opportunities, job security, personal growth, and legacy. 

A vast range of people benefit from effective personal branding, such as entrepreneurs and business owners. It also benefits professionals in industries such as law, medicine, consulting, and finance. Those seeking employment can create more attractive potential, artists can promote their work more effectively, and public figures can maintain their influence. The list goes on to include freelancers, students & recent graduates, nonprofit leaders, influencers, industry experts & thought leaders, academics & researchers, and community leaders. Finally, a strong personal brand establishes increased job security and facilitates immense personal growth.

A strong personal brand can enhance your credibility and trust. It can also attract clients and employees alike. You’ll garner influence and thought leadership, increase your partnership and networking potential, motivate and engage teams more, and communicate more effectively. Your personal brand alignment will also aid in problem-solving, decision-making, and crisis management. Your inbound leads will be much higher, meaning you’ll have elevated sales opportunities, more easily build customer loyalty, and well-position yourself for market expansion. 

The process of marketing yourself like a household name until you actually become a household name.

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