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“Photography is a tool that can be used to shape people’s beliefs, captivate, inspire, and break down misunderstandings that we may have of a certain place. It informs us so we know better. “

Nathan is an American photographer who is passionate about capturing the beauty of this incredible planet.

He feels most at home when he’s exploring remote locations. He hikes across inspiring vistas for as long as possible. He captures these moments and showcases them to the rest of the world; that’s when he’s most fulfilled.


Nathan Jordan


Tbilisi, Georgia




The Challenge

Striking the balance between honoring artwork and the commercial requirements of an e-commerce site demands apt industry analysis and attention to detail. We worked with Nathan to research, understand, and curate the best way to present his photography while maintaining website functionality. We built an e-commerce site to showcase his work and serve as a primary part of his global sales funnel. 

How Did We Build His Website?

We guided Nathan through the entire process of web creation. From UI architecture to web design, we facilitated all the thought flows and strategies necessary for a strong, established digital presence. 

How We Did It:


UI Architecture

We anticipated and mapped how users would navigate Nathan’s website. Our user journey ensures when someone finds a photograph that interests them, they’re driven to the digital shop.


Web Design

We performed a competitive analysis to understand how other photographers position themselves. Based on the results, we designed an original website that highlights Nathan’s talent as a creator.



Nathan wanted to sell prints of his photography. Not only did we find the most efficient way to display his products on his website and accomplish this, we also made sure that the logistics of his e-commerce site are efficient and simple for him to manage. 

The Results

“Ambrosia gives excellent, top of the line service and is willing and able to help out with a wide variety of business needs. If you’re looking to improve your business, Ambrosia’s got you covered.”

Nathan Jordan, Entrepreneur & Photographer

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