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Expert legal support and business solutions at affordable prices in Georgia.

PB Services offers advisory, commercial, accounting, company establishment & administration, and bank account management services. They also provide assistance with real estate management, visas, and residency support.


PB Services


Tbilisi, Georgia


Legal & Accounting Services


The Challenge

Expert legal & accounting service firms often struggle to promote their business in a saturated digital marketplace effectively. The challenge is elevated when multilingualism and a diverse foreign target market come into play. 

 The goal of Ambrosia Consulting was to cultivate an interactive digital ecosystem for PB Services on social media. By doing so, the aim was to make them attractive to potential foreign clients by sharing relevant industry news and information. 

What Did We Do?


Brand Optimization

Prior to marketing PB on social media, we refined and optimized their brand. It’s counter-productive to advertise online without the proper long-term trajectory to do so effectively. 

A key part of this strategy was accomplished by enhancing and providing a more versatile palette inspired by their original colors.


Content Strategy

Once the brand was ready for social media, we created a content strategy that aligned with the new brand and their mission. Cultivating consistency from the start is what takes a brand from good to great. Utilizing their expertise, we aggregate the best forms of content for their target market. We also focused on sharing content in different formats such as posts, infographics, and reels to increase the diversity, reach, and engagement across their accounts. 


Content Creation

After both the brand and content strategy were in place, we created the actual content.  With our team, we crafted a feed that best fits their company and designed original posts, each piece of content following the new branding guidelines. We designed, photographed, and filmed at their office, which is yet another important representation of their brand and level of professionalism. We focused on high-quality reels and dynamic content. 



Upon understanding the expectations of their audience on social media, we curated an engagement strategy that expressly facilitated organic growth. Engaging with their community on social media has led to their firm’s manageable scalability. 

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