Pitch deck & Branding

Raven Agriculture

An aerial spraying service using a high payload full electric Ag-drone fleet

Raven Agriculture provides an efficient and effective crop spraying service to Georgian farmers. They are looking to raise funding and expand to new markets with a new fleet of high-tech drones.


Raven Agriculture


Tbilisi, Georgia


Agriculture & Tech

The Challenge

After successfully raising a six-figure round, the Raven Agriculture team were ready to take the next steps in their investment and growth journey. For this, they needed to review and redesign a functional pitch deck to present to investors.

What Did We Do?

Together we reviewed the strength of Raven’s business model and their value proposition in order to detail the next steps in their growth journey. This was then reflected in a new pitch deck that provided the best reflection of the startup’s real growth potential. 

Applied process:

Step 1

Investor Pitch

With one-on-one sessions with the startup’s founder, Irakli, we discussed the investment strategy that he was going to pursue. With a clear objective and target, we delved into redefining the value proposition that his company was building for the final customers. 

With a lot of pivot opportunities, Irakli found the correct mode to position his company’s offerings. Together we redesigned the most important slides of his pitch deck such as the Problem, the Solution, the Market Size, the Team and the Traction. 

Step 2:


Getting ready for the next step in a startup’s growth also means establishing legitimacy in one’s online presence. Irakli and our design team worked on his new branding guidelines that were then used to redesign completely his new pitch deck.

Irakli is now ready to pitch his company to angel investors and VCs to expand his startup to the United States within the next year.

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of energy and enthusiasm they displayed while assisting my startup with branding and pitch deck preparation. They spared no effort in delving into the finest details to ensure that the pitch deck was flawless, coherent, and covered all the essential elements that investors expect to hear from you.

You can undoubtedly anticipate unwavering dedication from Ambrosia, as they are committed to ensuring your startup is well-prepared for investment.”

Irakli, Founder & CEO

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