Martech Innovation

Offering the French market products that make sense.

Martech’s mission is to challenge the general mindset of heating habits. France has traditionally always used gas and electricity to sustain heating systems. With global warming and the constant rise of energy costs in France, households need better alternatives. Martech offers a new range of products that changes the French heating market. From solar panels, highly efficient heat pumps and thermodynamic water heaters, and infrared heaters.


Martech Innovation


Orléans, France


Distribution & Electronics


The Challenge

Martech Innovation has a bigger vision: offering the French market not only new, but innovative products that challenge traditional heating systems. Breaking such barriers requires the right communication methods and tools. Martech turned to Ambrosia.

Before constructing Martech’s digital presence, our team performed intensive market research to understand the dynamics of distribution channels for electrical materials in France. 


We understood how competitive companies position themselves online. We analyzed the good (and the bad practices) they execute in their marketing strategies. Armed with this insight, we created an efficient digital strategy for Martech.


Website architecture and product referencing

We understood all the products Martech sells and presented them in an intuitive and efficient way


Brand creation and website design

Martech’s brand recalls colors that fit construction and engineering. These cool colors allow Martech to position its brands better. 


Social media accounts & engagement

We strategized which social media networks are the most relevant for their target market, and Linkedin and Instagram were selected.


Digital marketing campaign

Increasing sales was a fundamental goal of Martech. We prepared the right advertising strategies, which were released around France.


Strong SEO, SEA, and social media campaigns

Strong SEO was implemented throughout the website to foster organic traffic and growth. Once the SEO was operational, we also performed SEA campaigns to boost the website’s traffic from around the country. 


Ad campaign analysis and optimization with Google Analytics

Google Analytics allowed us to continuously monitor the website’s traffic and the campaign results; optimizing the ads based on user behavior feedback and ad success.

Ambrosia was able to design an optimized customer flow on our website. 20% of current sales come from our website, thanks to their SEO and SEA strategy. Their guidance in our branding process was fundamental for the growth of our company.

Jean-Pierre, Sales Director

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