They strive to make AI accessible and affordable for everyone.

The AI revolution has enabled businesses to cut their costs and increase their productivity. Small business owners and entrepreneurs alike are overwhelmed by the vast amount of options. At MAIZE, we strive to link small businesses and entrepreneurs with this technology. We provide affordable solutions that empower smaller market players to compete more directly in the marketplace.




Amsterdam, the Netherlands


AI & Tech


The Challenge

Maize has a great product to offer to small business owners, but they need a strong marketing strategy to build a legitimate brand and increase conversions.

We guided the MAIZE team throughout the entire business development process. From ideation to creation, we facilitated the research and strategies necessary for a successful launch.

Our dedicated team ensured that the up-and-coming brand fit the value proposition, had brand alignment, and cohesive growth strategies. This paved the way for users to have the best possible experience.


There are three options in our ideation process. Either you come to us with an idea, we collaborate to find an idea, or we provide you with one of our ideas. MAIZE was a joint-ideation based on collaborative business solutions within the realm of AI.


We structured the business idea and brainstormed a strong vision and mission. This created a solid foundation for the whole team to move forward with confidence and a streamlined understanding of the company’s purpose. 


We structured and guided market research in the fast-paced in growing industry of AI & content creation. This enabled the team to fully understand the direct and indirect competitors, ideal pricing models, market dynamics, and best business structures. It was also pivotal in determining what not to do based on other’s mistakes.

After understanding the primary goals and functions of the company, branding and communication came into the picture. Given MAIZE’s unique positioning as cost-leader in an otherwise rather expensive market, it was important to highlight this in their branding & communication. The branding was specifically designed to create trust and simplicity.


Testing & Adaptation

Ideas, research, and branding are important, but there is nothing more vital than ensuring there’s market demand. MAIZE executes a cyclical testing & adaptation system to constantly keep their company easy to understand and relevant to its current and future users.


Communication & Sales

MAIZE’s sales strategy is exclusively B2B (business to business). This means a communications strategy was created according to the most relevant channels, such as LinkedIn and emailing. Secondary communication channels largely for marketing and legitimacy purposes were also set up.


Digital Presence

A strong digital presence in line with MAIZE’s brand is what ultimately builds trust, loyalty, and credibility for current and future customers. We strategically curated different digital touchpoints relevant to MAIZE’s customer journey. This allowed the brand to be fully cohesive across all platforms to generate promising leads, regardless of their physical location. 

We achieved this through:

Website: the point of sale (POS) which provides all the necessary information on the company

LinkedIn: a primary B2B sales funnel component which serves as a lead magnet

Instagram: a secondary tool which allows for more community engagement and information sharing

MAIZE offers easy access to AI technology for entrepreneurs and SMEs, so everyone can benefit from the competitive advantages of using AI – regardless of technical or financial resources.


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