Our mission? To fulfill your vision.

Ambrosia Consulting turns your vision into reality.

We wouldn’t sell something we haven’t done ourselves. Yes, this is a case page about the business development of our own company. How did we grow from an idea to an operational consulting firm?

At Ambrosia Consulting, we guide people in starting or growing their companies. We challenge traditional consulting by offering unique business solutions and fresh perspectives. This enables us to maximize our client’s potential while they enjoy their entrepreneurial journey and growth. It’s no secret that company-building, regardless of who you are or what you’re building, is stressful. That stress can eat away at how truly fun and exciting entrepreneurship can be at its core.

Simply put, we love what we do, and we want everyone to feel the same.


Ambrosia Consulting






The Challenge

All entrepreneurs have obstacles to overcome. The challenges we faced (and are still facing) are not things we avoid, we highlight them and use them as opportunities. Our age is a tricky thing, youth makes it more difficult to be taken seriously, especially in a consulting capacity. Our gender is something we also learned to capitalize on, we’re a founding team of 3 women. People’s assumptions of what traditional consulting should look like (we don’t have decades of industry or corporate experience) gives us a chance to showcase the importance of fresh perspectives.


Aligned our Vision

We (the founders) knew each other and worked together previously at another start-up for a few years. 

At that point, we’d worked together long enough to know that we have complementary skill sets and aligned interests, we made a great team and we decided to pursue entrepreneurship together.

The strategic decisions of what and where remained, we started with where and chose Tbilisi, Georgia.

The best location for the firm and for us was about opportunity, networking, and cost-of-living.

We made the leap and moved together to start and build our vision.

Created a Solution

To start a company, we needed to solve a problem with a product or service.

We brainstormed what that would look like, based on our combined knowledge, skills, abilities, resources, but most importantly, our passions.

That’s how we landed on consulting.

Consulting strategically provides us with the opportunity to expand our network in otherwise unachievable ways, work in a variety of industries, and actively learn through experience. 

Before moving forward, we validated the idea with various stakeholders and ensured there was demand.

Established a Purpose

Once we understood who, how, and where, it became time to really define our why.

The “why” is important not only for internal operations, but for external perception, from sales to branding, cohesive communication is vital.

We carefully choose who we work with and why, we only consult with companies that align with our values.

Consulting serves as a gateway to build other companies and products that align with our values (that’s also why we chose the company name Ambrosia Enterprises as opposed to just Ambrosia Consulting).

Our vision is to make entrepreneurship enjoyable and accessible for all


We didn’t understand the importance of strong branding. We learned, we made these mistakes with ourselves, so we won’t make them with our clients.

Designed a Representation

We conceptualized what we wanted to represent and sell.

At first, we aimed for an older and more traditional look, which included bolder and more traditional colors.

Our target persona was older, and given our youth, we felt we had to fit their criteria as opposed to highlighting our own strengths as a team.


We created a minimalist-inspired design that fuses black, white, purple, and green

The black and white recall the sophistication of traditional consulting and our original branding

The green and the purple recall our fresh perspectives and youth (we decided to embrace our ages rather than reprimand them)


Selected Communication Channels

Based on our new brand and target audience, we selected and re-created the relevant communication channels, these included Instagram, Linkedin, and our website

We created accounts according to our brand and set ourselves up for sales

Our First Sales

Some examples of our first clients came from our networking and sales strategies

Ambrosia Consulting’s past & present projects


Grew our Team

After our re-branding, it became apparent we needed a passionate and enthusiastic team to aid in our growth, and we segmented our expanding team into three main categories.

Team: we have great, diverse interns that are testing the things they’re most passionate about and want to pursue in their careers

Consultants: based in Amsterdam, our consultants work on sales and client management

Entrepreneurs: this includes our growing portfolio of clients and partners that become part of Ambrosia Enterprises.

Management & Culture

We developed a closely integrated digitally-based hiring process for team members and consultants, from pre-onboarding to post-onboarding and everything in between (including the far-less fun rejections)

Providing support for our team is a key to our success

We work on personal goal-setting and deliverable-based KPIs with hands-on and interactive collaborations

Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and ask questions, creating an open and innovative company culture

We curated different online interfaces to

  • Share our company, values, and services
  • Establish more credibility & legitimacy
  • Ensure our brand is cohesive across all platforms, which further breeds trust
  • Generate leads, regardless of their physical location
  • Grow our organic website traffic
  • Serve as a platform for our customer service and be reachable at all times

We achieved this through:

Website: An aggregation of all our skills, experience, and content.

Instagram: An engaging way to foster interest, and further educate our target audience

Linkedin: A great way to network remotely and a part of our sales funnel

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