Britney empowers the experience of self-love, embraces change, and promotes evolution through all shades of melanin.

“My belief is that there is beauty in every woman, especially black women, as I like to call us multi-shaded women. What makes us so unique is that like every element of the earth we come in different forms, various colors, backgrounds, and the list goes on. However, the one thing that we all can relate to is the feeling of being a foundation of something to someone.

We all create opportunities for ourselves and those around us. We all are strong-willed and independently profound. ” – Britney


B Kreations


Nashville, USA




The Challenge

Britney is an incredibly talented artist, her work deserves to be shared with the world. She came to us because she lacked the tools to expand her digital reach. Together, we brainstormed a strategy to boost her brand and position her art in the best possible way.

We guided Britney throughout the entire process of re-branding. From brand positioning to logo design, we facilitated all the thought flows and strategies necessary for strong web positioning. 


Brand Positioning

We strategized the positioning that Britney needed to apply to make the most of her work. Her paintings are beautiful, unique, and emotionally precious; they should be positioned as a luxury good and made rare.


Color Selection

We decidedly selected black as the branding’s primary color. This color was the only one where every painting stood out and was more visible with the contrast. Black is also associated with luxury and sophistication, which allowed us to better emphasize the new positioning.


Font Selection

Just like colors, fonts elicit emotions and project the desired positioning. We chose Aveni, a geometric sans-serif typeface. It’s vastly used in tech and graphic design.


The Logo

The logo should radiate authenticity and something that is uniquely special to Britney. We worked on a handwritten logo by Britney that became her official signature on all her artwork.


The Website

Once the re-branding was complete, we applied it to her new website. It now reflects the true sophistication of her brand and the beauty of her art.


SEO Strategy

We delivered an optimized SEO strategy for Britney’s E-Commerce Store to foster organic traffic and growth.


“Shoutout to my consultant team for helping me with my branding. I must say they are truly amazing at making you brand feel exclusive. And it’s all woman owned which is a plus for me.”


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