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Playfool App

Playfool’s mission is to encourage mindful consumption habits by providing healthy alternatives to cravings.

Playfool is a carefully designed app that distracts people from drinking and smoking cravings. It empowers users to consume more mindfully whenever and wherever. The app uses positive reinforcement and science-backed activities to offset cravings. Their users engage in meaningful activities that shift their focus and foster their personal growth.


Mindful Distractions LLC


Warsaw, Poland


Tech & Health


The Challenge

Christophe, the CEO, had a vision to make mindful drinking more visible and acceptable throughout Europe’s social landscape. Integrating such a philosophy on the continent, which has a strong drinking culture, is not easy. Breaking down this barrier together is a challenge we accepted to take on with Christophe.

What Did We Do?


Turning a vision into a product requires a deep understanding of the value created for the end-users. Prior to developing the final product and company, we created the organizational flow of the work. Then with Christophe, we concretized the mission, vision, and value proposition. Following a clear understanding of the company’s goals, we then created the business structure, including the monetization, business model canvas (BMC), and company name ideation. 

We then focused on the company’s positioning and conducted market research. This research allowed us to create accurate segmentation, targeting, positioning (STP) and product, price, place, and promotion (4Ps) strategies. With everything ready, we created Christophe’s company and minimum viable product (MVP). From a vision to a product, we created and validated Christophe’s idea: an app that distracts people from their cravings through a social enterprise.


Now that Christophe had a company and an MVP, the branding of Playfool needed to meet certain criteria to best express the mission. It needed to be crafted for the target audience, which is quite large (18 – 50+). The branding also needed to fit within the industry of healthcare and technology, therefore, purple was then the best color choice. It’s also a color that creates a better user experience. As the app will mostly be used during the evening, we selected the color that could best fit the luminosity of the screens at nighttime hours.

The design of the logo was a very important part of the branding. The logo needed to be something that can be used in the app as a reference point, but also as a character. We created a design from the ‘P’ and the ‘F’ of the name Playfool and made a little character called Fool. Fool then became the image of the company and the companion that users will have throughout their mindfulness journey. 


Playfool’s digital presence was crucial to assure a proper launch and success of the app. In addition to creating the app itself, we created a website to serve as a platform to gather emails for a download wait list and to share more information about the app itself.

Additionally, we created social media accounts that are used as intensive communication channels. Instagram is used to build a strong brand and Facebook is used to create a community of mindful drinkers and smokers who believe in and partake in the app for a start-up competition.


Playfool was – and still is – growing. A great way to gain traction is to pitch to  VCs and in start-up competitions. Not only is this valuable for skill building, but for networking and for gaining additional product validation and feedback. We prepared Playfool to compete in the Netherlands.

As Playfool’s branding was already good to go, we created a company presentation, pitch deck, and additional company assets to aid in the participation of pitching successfully. We then worked with Christophe to refine his elevator pitch, his longer pitch with slides, and networking strategies for the event. We’ll keep this page updated with the result of the pitch.

What a gem! I could’ve never figured out that my simple idea would take shape into a great, up-and-coming app. It was challenging to find tech savvy partners, who could think outside the box and be aligned with my values. Ambrosia’s tremendous enthusiasm has it all: extremely supportive, committed and transparent in the whole process. I am deeply grateful to work with this team filled with feminine energy. Together, we are slowly changing the social impact of the business world.

Christophe Cung, CEO & Founder

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