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Social media is a marketing and sales tool you can use to expand your reach, foster loyalty, and grow your market share. You can also set trends, boost sales, and instill confidence in your customers by building your community.

Account Positioning

Market Research

Before any design or work on your account, we’ll analyze the dynamics of your industry and strategize accordingly. Your social media accounts will then best fit your target audience and will be quickly recognizable according to your industry’s standards.

Brand Optimization

Together, we’ll adjust all the necessary elements of your brand to establish a strong social media presence (this is done using some of our branding tools).

Brand Positioning

Based on your company, industry, and target audience, we’ll create your accounts on the relevant social media platforms and set up an operational management system.

Account Management

Posting Strategy & Scheduling

Once your accounts are created and your brand is defined, we’ll define the posting strategy, the type of content / feed which best corresponds with your brand, and schedule effective posting.

Engagement Strategy

We’ll create a strong engagement strategy for your social media accounts in line with realistic goals most pertinent to our overall communication strategy.

Account Analysis

Analytics Report & Optimization

Every month, we’ll analyze the performance and results of each account. Then, we’ll review & implement what can be improved or optimized in the general account strategy moving forward.


Social Media Manager

I handle social media management, ensuring your accounts align with your brand identity and achieve the goals we establish together.

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SMM Plan



500 USD/month

Add-on: Content Creation / Professional Photography

If possible based on your geographical location, our team will take professional pictures of your products or team members to feature on all your digital platforms.

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Learn how our expert social media management strategies contributed to significant business growth. We’ll delve into the customized tactics, content strategies, and engagement techniques that led to increased brand visibility, improved customer relationships, and boosted sales. This case study demonstrates the impact of effective social media management in achieving business objectives.

Brand Optimization

Content Strategy


Law & Accounting

AI & Content Writting


It depends. While social media can be a great asset and way to engage with your community, your presence is dictated by your business, target market, and industry. Social media should always be created with goals that directly benefit your business. For example, do your social media accounts drive conversion? Do they work as a marketing tool with the aim to create industry influence? There are a lot of social media platform options – and choosing the right ones for your goals and company is important.

An aligned brand clarifies your company. Uniformly used colors, fonts, and your logo help customers or other stakeholders understand your messaging and purpose. If your company name is used more than once (which is the most likely case scenario), it’s very important to establish yourself and differentiate your company from others. In addition to clarification, aligned branding breeds trust and loyalty in your community. If your digital presence is put together, people make the logical assumption that your company, therefore your product / service, is put together and trustworthy as well. This is reassuring, mitigates miscommunication and allows you to stay ahead of your current and future competition. Aligned branding also guides your market power and industry influence, as your digital presence grows and you generate even more credibility. This lays the groundwork for trend-setting and furthers community building.

That’s largely based on who you’re attempting to reach and for what purposes. For example, Instagram is ideal for sharing products, as it’s a photo-based social media site. Twitter is ideal for service-based companies, as there’s more of a focus on text than other elements. LinkedIn is ideal for B2B-focused companies. The list of pros and cons for each social media platform is long, but a strategy can guide you in mixing and matching the sites to optimize your digital presence. A strong strategy also includes the goals of your communication strategy based on your business model. 

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