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The Steps in Your Entrepreneurial Journey



There are three options in our ideation process. Either you come to us with an idea, we collaborate to find an idea, or we provide you with one of our ideas. Then, we’ll guide you in asking the right questions and ensure your vision is feasible.


Mission & Vision

Once your business idea is structured, we will brainstorm a strong vision and mission. This will create a solid foundation for you to move forward with confidence.


Research & Structure

We’ll guide research and analyze the dynamics of the market you want to enter, understand competitors and enhance your business structure.


Testing & Adaptation

Then, we’ll test your idea and see if it can be brought to life. This is fundamental before conducting any further development, as it’ll prepare us for launch.


Put it Together

Now that the idea has been tested and adapted, it’s time to execute. We’ll gather our resources to facilitate creating your minimum viable product or service.


Branding & Communication

Together, we’ll craft the perfect brand that exceeds your expectations and fulfills your vision. Your new brand will be shared with your target markets.

Common Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship

Not always, there are plenty of ways to pursue a vision. Funding largely depends on your idea, but working within a limited budget is absolutely possible. Even if your idea does require additional funding, that’s a step that comes after ensuring there’s market demand.

That depends on you and your idea. Full-time entrepreneurship can indeed be a time-consuming lifestyle, but one that you can transition into at your own pace. Part-time entrepreneurship is always an option, which allows you to maintain the jobs you wish and receive steady income while you build your business on the side.

If you offer a solution to the market, then yes, it will make a difference. Changes are, if you’re struggling with someone and come up with a solution, you’re not the only person encountering the problem in the first place. Anything that fosters competition and creates innovation will make a difference.

No. One misconception about entrepreneurship is that everything needs to be perfect before you start; it’s a try-and-adapt experience that can only be optimized over time. Even if you write a business plan, it’s unlikely you’ll stick to it.

There are factors that significantly prevail over experience, such as passion and dedication. Experience comes with time, but as long as you stick with it, success will likely follow. Expertise in entrepreneurship is not a prerequisite. 

Yes, because you get to decide the level of risk and uncertainty you’re comfortable with. You get to choose what investments (time, money, resources) you want to dedicate and when. It’s one of the many freedoms of being your own boss.

That’s totally fine, and that’s why we’re here. The start can absolutely be scary, it’s the support and guidance you receive that makes it less scary and more exciting to give it a go.

Discover How One Of Our Entrepreneurs Started


The Idea

Find an efficient way to generate blog articles for websites and optimize SEO.


The Mission

Make AI accessible for SMEs to foster online growth.


The Research

Analyze the content creation market and understand the gap between AI and SMEs.


The Testing

Contact a few SMEs willing to test the service and gather their feedback to finalize the product.


The Process

Execute company operations to offer an efficient, cost-leading product.


Next Steps

Market the product across Europe to SMEs to boost their digital presence.

Companies We Started

AI Company

Ambrosia Consulting

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